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  It’s been said, “Your future is an open book.” That adage certainly applies to some children at an elementary school in New York. Through the kindness of strangers, this financially strapped school now has a modern library, and the students have important tools to help them succeed. Jim Melchiorre has the story.  
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Principal Emily Grimball is emotional because a seemingly impossible dream has come true. Until now, her school children were expected to learn, to excel, even though they never had a library.

Emily Grimball / Principal, The Mohegan School: “They said to me, ‘We’ll have an opportunity to read and read and read.’ And this opens up a whole new world for them.”

The kids at Mohegan School now have books to read, a place to study, a library in which to work on research papers … with the help of the people from Christ Church United Methodist.

Christ Church sits on Manhattan’s fashionable Park Avenue, seven miles – but a world apart – from Mohegan’s “blue-collar” neighborhood in the Bronx.

The Rev. Stephen Bauman / Pastor, Christ Church United Methodist: “They clearly have reached out to one another. They’ve crossed enormous barriers, actually.”

And overcome serious physical challenges, too. Mohegan School had a huge but neglected room on the fifth floor when this project began during the cold New York City winter.

Faye Premer / Volunteer, Christ Church United Methodist: “The walls were a mess. There were holes that were this deep. So it’s really been amazing what the volunteers have been able to do.”

The children pitched in too, working every Saturday to create art for their library.

Emily Grimball: “I could not believe that a church would give so much to a community that was really unknown to them.”

Now these folks are no longer strangers. And as the construction of the library is finished, the building of friendship has only just begun.

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Plans are under way to build a small park next to The Mohegan School and folks in the community say that the people of Christ Church United Methodist will get a chance to play a big role in that project.