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In Haiti, one of every eight children will not live to see their fifth birthday. Fifty percent of the island’s children are malnourished. In the poorest country in the western hemisphere, health care is a luxury.  It’s that need that has U.S. donors supporting a local hospital and trying to stem the tide of disease.  Reed Galin reports.

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(Locator : Port au Prince, Haiti)

This is Grace Children’s Hospital, Haiti’s leading curative and preventative treatment center. It was founded over 30 years ago by a United Methodist couple from the United States.

Of the children who even make it here, nearly a quarter will die.

Keren Bijou/International Child Care: “Waiting for the people arriving here almost dead is not a good approach, it is not a good procedure.”

Rather than wait for the sick to come to them, Grace sends health care workers into some of Haiti’s most deprived communities, to combat disease before it strikes.

Keren Bijou/International Child Care: “In the past, most of the babies have never been vaccinated against these kinds of diseases. It is one of the causes of the high mortality rate we had in the past.”

With funding coming from United Methodist donations, Grace is able to support 20 health care workers in neighborhoods that otherwise would go without any preventative health care.

Keren Bijou/International Child Care: “They would just stay at home and wait for the next time their kid will be sick.”

This free mobile clinic allows for entire families to get medical care they otherwise could never afford. And despite all the problems that exist in Haiti, this is one program that is making a difference…one person at a time.


Over 4,000 patients are seen monthly in a wide variety of pediatric and adult outpatient clinics. For more information about International Child Care, call 1-800-722-4453 or go to