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Smiles are hard to find inside a cancer clinic. That’s especially true when the patients are children. But one group used their heads to find a way to brighten patients’ days. Terry Bulger shows us how.               

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(Locator: Hendersonville, Tennessee)

It has been an outpouring of hope through hats...every style and every color...donated and collected by members of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church near Nashville, meant to brighten the day for kids who’ve lost their hair battling cancer.

It’s called Lids for Kids, an idea born two years ago at the men’s group meeting. That first year, 100 hats came in; this year it’s closer to 1,000…and they’re hoping for more.

Alissa Walker/Member, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church: “I helped make the boxes because I don’t know if any of the men are that artistic.”

The church youth group joined the effort, and now 16-year-old Alissa Walker is getting ready for delivery day at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Alissa Walker/Member, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church: “There’s just a bunch of guy hats, but when the girls see the cute little frilly hats, they’ll get real excited because...

(Alissa sorts hats) “They’re cute…”

(Arriving at clinic) “C’mon in…”

Once the hats are sanitized, men’s group president Timothy Smith makes the special delivery to the chemo patients.

(Patients try on hats) “Oh that goes great with the jacket.”

“You put both of them on you…”

The smiling receptions are heart melting…especially for the dads and moms.

Gina Butterfield/ Mother of Cancer Patient: “It’s always good to see him smile and laugh, and when you hand him a Star Wars hat it always perks his little face up.”

(Baby tries on hat) “Ooh, it’s like Daddy’s…”

All of this, a simple but generous moment of relief, for families who need one.

The Rev. Allen Weller/Pastor, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church: “And to them it’s more than a hat. It’s a sign of love, it’s a sign that somebody cares.”


Lids for Kids started as a one-time collection but it is fast becoming an annual project.

For more information, contact Good Shepherd United Methodist Church at 615-822-4531.

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