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Christmas has become so commercialized in this country that it almost drowns out the true meaning of the holiday. That’s not the case in a small Indiana town where a United Methodist church can’t escape the spirit of the season. In fact, the church reflects on Christmas year-round. Reed Galin reports.

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If you've ever doubted Santa Claus exists, then you've never been here, to Santa Claus, Ind. In this tiny town of 2,000, old St. Nick reigns supreme. He has his own cleaners’, video store and ZIP Code.  And get this; he even has his own congregation.

Pastor David Blystone, Santa Claus (Ind.) United Methodist Church:  "It's unique.  Not everybody lives in a place called Santa Claus."

With all the festivities this time of year, it's easy to understand why the town of Santa Claus and the United Methodist church that bears the same name  are both in the limelight.

 Pastor Blystone: "I don't think that affects us as far as what we do and who we are, other than it's a name."

But don't tell that to this guy. Surprisingly, the community has yet to lose perspective.

Pastor Blystone: "Could we easily fall into focusing on Santa? Yes, we could, but we're pretty intentional that's not what we're about."

In fact, dozens of church volunteers, who call themselves Santa's Elves, take on the monumental task of handling the big guy's mail every year some 10,000 letters. They deliver a very special message.

Pat Koch, Santa's Elves Organizer: "Keep on being good, mind your parents, eat well, say your prayers."

As Christmas draws near, the spirit of the holiday radiates with the true reason for the season. 

Pastor Blystone: "This is about the birth of Jesus Christ and that's what we want to focus on."