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Every parent knows that it’s no fun to try to comfort a sick, scared child. That’s why hospitals like Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Texas have found a new way to calm nerves ... with the help of a furry friend.  
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For 4-year-old Kendell Beard, a trip to the emergency room is a frightening experience.

All Kendell knows is that he hurts. It’s tough for Mom to comfort him.

The knock at the door comes at just the right time.

Officer Victor Byrd / Methodist Charlton Medical Center: “ I found a little friend wandering outside and he really needs a friend to take care of him. Can you do that for me?”

Armed with donations from the youth group at First United Methodist Church in Celina, Texas, police officer Victor Byrd delivers a dose of comfort. Through the Adopt-a-Bear program, more than 3,000 patients in Dallas, like 2-year-old Justin Myers, have found furry friends in their time of need. And the patients aren’t the only ones feeling better.

Shelby Black / First United Methodist Church: “I know it is kind of scary just being in the hospital because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Joey Cronin / First United Methodist Church: “I wanted to make people feel better.”

Even Officer Byrd, who is shipping out to serve his country, receives some cuddly comfort.

Officer Victor Byrd: “It tells me that I have a family to come back to.”

A little something to hold onto, to make life’s tough times more bearable.

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While Officer Byrd is deployed overseas, the Adopt-a-Bear program will continue at the hospital. So far, more than 3,000 bears have been given away.