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National Grandparents Day is September 7. Going to visit grandparents and enjoying the smell and taste of fresh-baked cookies is often a lost treasure. But one group of seniors is working hard to bring that experience to as many children as they can. Kim Riemland reports. 

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(Locator: Ocklawaha, Florida)

Some kids can’t wait to get here.

And some don’t want to leave.

Child: “I wish we lived here.”

People welcome kids: “Here they come. Hi. Whoa, hey.”

They’ve come to G.G.’s House, a community center created by Florida’s Ocklawaha United Methodist Church. The renovated house is meant to give kids who’ve known tough times the feeling, and fun, of going to see grandparents.

Volunteer speaking to the children: “This is awesome!”

Nora Mace, G.G.’s House Senior Mentor : “There are people in this area that barely have running water. There are lots and lots of things that children never are exposed to.”

Kids can play games, pack snacks for pets for the church food pantry, or get a facial at the inner beauty salon where they learn beauty “is” much more than skin deep.

Katie Cook, G.G.’s House Participant: “It felt good, because we’re beautiful on the inside.”

Donations provide the facility, but it takes volunteers to offer the extras.

Pat Frost, Director, G.G.’s House: “We have to do our part, too. And it doesn’t stop just because we’re over 60. Or over 70. Or over 80. It starts where we are, what we can do, for kids.”

Justin Rainey, G.G.’s House Participant: “They’re nice. They give stuff to us sometimes.”

And while children enjoy the company of their senior mentors, at GG’s House the benefits go both ways.

Pat Frost, Director, G.G.’s House: “It gives me a reason to get up in the morning.”

Voice of Nora Mace, G.G.’s House Senior Mentor: “This is a place that we want people to get love. This house is love.”


G.G.’s House is open 5-days-a-week including Saturdays. In addition to mentoring children at GG’s House, senior volunteers also counsel women, make quilts for children in crisis, and run a clothing closet for children.

For more information, contact G.G.'s House at 352-288-2155.