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Some motorcycle clubs don’t have very good reputations.  But that’s not the case with a Texas church group taking to the open road.  They’re trying to show that not everyone who rides a motorcycle is “born to be wild.” Kim Riemland has the story.

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Hell’s Angels, they’re not. 

These motorcycle riders are more concerned about getting to heaven.

The Rev. Cathy Mordecai / Kerens & Pleasant Grove TX UMC:  “We ride because we love it.  And through the church, it’s an opportunity to change people’s minds about stereotypes that we form about people.”

This different kind of bikers’ club was started by a small church that doesn’t mind if worshippers come on two wheels.

John Boyd / Church Member:  “Everybody has their own interest, so why not reach out to all you can.”

Pastor Cathy Mordecai (MORE-duh-kie) and her husband, Guy, turned their passion into a ministry.  They kick-started the first chapter of United Methodist Motorcycle Enthusiasts in central Texas. 

Guy Mordecai / Pastor’s Husband:  “The church isn’t your grandma’s church anymore.  People are looking for new things.”

Twenty-five bikes lined up for this ride.  Some came from more than 100 miles away.  Riders are from all walks of life, from factory workers to a bank president.

Suzanne Armstrong / Methodist Biker:  “We’re not bad people.  We’re good people.  We enjoy it.”

The motorcycle enthusiasts have raised money to buy Christmas gifts for kids. Some trips are just for fun, covering 30 to 200 miles.  

Paul Jones / Motorcycle Rider:  “The wind in your face, and just the enjoyment of a bunch of brothers getting together and taking a ride.”

These freewheeling Methodists say their idea is catching on.  Now they’re getting calls from all over the country about setting up new chapters.


There are some rules of the road before motorcycle riders can wear the Methodist flame on their leather jackets.  The group’s guidelines say they have to act respectfully and ride safely.  There are now four chapters in Texas and one in Michigan.

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