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A new version of the Bible is bridging a cultural divide. It’s called the Women of Color Study Bible, the first by and for African-American women. Two United Methodist ministers in Texas who contributed to the work are now preaching from it. They hope the book will inspire African Americans in new ways.

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Nat Sound – choir singing: “Give me that old-time religion … ”

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers is taking her congregation back to biblical times – with a rather nontraditional tool.

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers: “It’s a book full of answers.”

It’s the Women of Color Bible – a first of its kind, celebrating the achievements of African- American women. Chambers was one of many who contributed writings.

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers: “The strongest woman in the Bible is the one who bore the strongest man.”

In the traditional translation, Samson’s mother wasn’t even given a name. In the Women of Color Bible, she has her very own essay.

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers: “It adds so much more to traditional teaching because some of the women that are portrayed in this Bible, their voices are not heard or their stories have not been told.”

The Women of Color Bible is meant to inspire women of all races. It teaches no woman has to go it alone.

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers: “This shows that no, you shouldn’t be able to handle it. Life is about needing each other. Life is about relationships.”

Chambers encourages her congregation to relate their everyday trials and tribulations to the book.

The Rev. Jacquetta Chambers: “Go through and find a topic on something you’re struggling with and see what another woman has to say that will give you hope and strength in the midst of your situation.”

Writers hope everyone, regardless of race or gender, can see a part of themselves portrayed in this book.

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It took two years for Nia Publishing, in conjunction with World Bible Publishing, to complete the work. It has also released the Children of Color Story Book Bible.