Middle East Model For Peace

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For their entire lives, most Israeli and Palestinian children have witnessed a history of hatred between ethnic groups. But there is one educational model where cultural and religious differences are checked at the door. As Reed Galin reports, this Israeli high school demonstrates that peace is possible in the Middle East.

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Sixty miles outside Tel Aviv you will find Prophet Elias High School.

Maysoon Darawsheh / Student: “We are Muslims, Jews and Christians.”

It’s a model program that puts many of the countries religious groups side by side in the classroom.

Maysoon Darawsheh: “We are very different but we learn to accept each other.”

Janet Lahr Lewis is a United Methodist missionary who has been volunteering at the school for years. 

Janet Lahr Lewis, United Methodist Missionary: “This can be an example of how it is able to work, how the Israeli society and the Palestinian society can work as one.”

Students come here to experience diversity. Although Christians run the private school, the students are overwhelmingly Muslim.  The faculty is also diverse.

Elias Abugenima / Teacher:“You’ll find seven Jewish teachers, sixty percent of teachers are Muslim, thirty percent are Christian, so this is a good example of the co-existence we have.”

This is the only school of its kind in Israel and it is regarded as one of the best.

Elias Abugenima: “It was a school founded not on the principle of mathematics or English, but teach them the real meaning of humanity, of loving each other, of accepting each other.”

Ali Asmail / Student: “Here we live together. There’s no difference between us. You can take a look at us and you can’t even know who is Muslim, who is Christian and who is Jew.”


The school has been in existence for almost 25 years as a way of bringing people together.