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Sometimes the most valuable gift one can give is a lesson. This is true for a chef who wanted to do more than just feed homeless people. He knew they were hungry for something else.

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Recipe for Success – Story:

John Dunbar: “I’m holding my knife almost like a paint brush or a pencil.”

To John Dunbar, this is art – bringing together different ingredients and creating something magical.

John Dunbar / Chef, New Day Centers: “It’s a very soulful experience, so to speak. It speaks right to the necessity of life.”

A necessity that’s been missing in the lives of his students, all of them homeless. Not just providing food, this sous chef is providing options.

John Dunbar: “We’re also trying to give them the skills to know what to look for in the grocery store and how to use their dollars if they’re going to last longer.”

Lydia Sewere: “I did a lot of fast food, a lot of junk food.”

Old patterns are hard to break, but better nutrition and new experiences are on the menu here.

Lydia Sewere: “The biggest thing I’ve learned from him is teamwork.”

Edwin Hooper: “Today I learned how to cut a turkey right.”

That’s a major accomplishment for this single father caring for his three children.

Edwin Hooper: “Worried about where you’re going to sleep next, and then you come to a place like this and they help you out.”

United Methodist Outreach Ministries runs the New Day homeless shelter in Phoenix.

Edwin Hooper: “You get into this, like cooking and stuff, and then you get your experience and you can be a cook or whatever you want to be.”

This old hotel is a refuge and, hopefully, a place for new beginnings.

John Dunbar: “I’m providing all the ingredients and they have to put the recipe together.”

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Sort of a contemporary spin on the adage about giving a hungry man a fish as opposed to teaching him to fish. John says one of his students has already found a job. She is now a chef at a Salvation Army kitchen in Phoenix.