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Many people around the world cannot simply turn on a faucet, or open a bottle, and know for certain they are drinking clean water. But now, for the first time, 100,000 villagers in a remote area of West Africa have fresh, safe water pouring out of the ground and into their communities each day.
Jim Melchiorre explains how it happened, through a partnership between the people of Ghana and the members of a church in the U.S.               

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(Locator: York, Pa.)

Ken Wood: “I thought horses were my passion, but it’s nothing compared to this.”

Ken Wood is unloading equipment for that new “passion”—drilling wells in Ghana.

Ken Wood: “They need water, that’s the biggest thing they need.”

Wood’s made five trips to Ghana in less than a year, consumed by a mission begun by Aldersgate United Methodist Church in York, PA.

The 450,000 dollar water project was the dream of the Quarteys, Ghana-born church members who know how far even children walk every day just to find, collect, and carry water.

Grace Quartey/Member, Aldersgate United Methodist Church: “What is a child going to learn in school after they’ve walked four miles in the day? What are they going to learn, they’ll be so tired.”

Dr. Bob Davis/ Member, Aldersgate United Methodist Church: “The children and the women are scooping surface water which is in puddles, in ponds; it’s stagnant and dried up and the guinea worm and bacteria that harbor typhoid fever are rampant.”

Ken Wood: “Water kills more people than AIDS in Africa.”

Ninety-eight new wells have been drilled to depths of more than 150 feet, where the water is safe.

Dr. Seth Quartey/Member, Aldersgate United Methodist Church: “Other studies that have been done where people have clean water, they have been able to cut down on infectious diseases, including diarrhea, by about fifty percent.”

The Aldersgate Church well-drilling will help more than the health of the people of Ghana.

Grace Quartey/Member, Aldersgate United Methodist Church: “Water is the basis for every economic development…if you don’t have water, you can’t do a thing.”

Ken Wood: “It’s kind of fun to think they’re going to have spigots all over town. You’re doing something worthwhile.”


The team from York is heading back to Ghana again this fall. In addition to drilling wells, a medical team will perform surgeries and school supplies will be donated to the local communities.

For more information about the well project, contact Aldersgate United Methodist Church at 717- 854-4276.

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