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Consumers beware … there are only 119 shopping days (click here for exact number until Christmas.  That’s no problem for super shopper Lolly Webster.  Before the first piece of Christmas merchandise hits the sales floor, Lolly has already checked off everyone on her list. She’s Tennessee’s bargain queen and says giving to others is the secret to her shopping success.  Lindsay Ferrier reports.

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Holiday Shopping Secret – STORY:

Lolly Webster / Super Shopper: “This is Santa’s' workshop.”

If you think you get your Christmas shopping done early, you are about to be humbled.

Lolly Webster: “We have toys, and then we have gloves and socks and hats.”

Lolly Webster is finished every year by the Fourth of July.

Lolly Webster: “I'm done and I’ve got most of it wrapped.”

It’s impressive enough, buying gifts for 30 friends and family members ... but Lolly doesn’t stop there. 

Lolly Webster: “Here on these shelves are all the clothes for the children.”

Her list includes another 25 needy children and senior citizens.

Each year, Lolly Webster buys and wraps 60 gifts for 60 people and she does it all on a modest fixed income. Which leads us to Lolly’s secret: she’s an expert in bargain hunting.

Lolly Webster: “I think we did buy a little jacket for two dollars, but we said you have to have something to keep you warm.”

Her rural Tennessee garage is all about closeout, clearance, fire sale and going-out-of-business.

Lolly is the queen of the deep discount ... not for herself but for others.

Lolly Webster: “What you give comes back 10 times. I think that’s what we’re here for is to give.”

And give she does … to the point where her friends just can't keep up.

Bette Poe / Lolly’s Friend: “Wow ... her enthusiasm!  Oh, her creativity!”

At her McMinnville, Tennessee United Methodist church, Lolly cooks supper once a month. And guess what? She once fed 50 people for 54 bucks. Her daughter, Lori has learned an important lesson:  it’s not about being cheap but about being charitable.

Lori Hunter / Lolly’s Daughter: “The art of giving, the art of caring for people. Putting others first and yourself second.”

Lolly Webster always puts herself second ... even if that means putting herself first in line for the great deals.”

Lolly Webster: “All these things I got for a nickel ... she sold everything for a nickel!”

Lindsay Ferrier reporting.

Holiday Shopping Secret - TAG:

Lolly's bargain-hunting tips: Look for going-out-of-business sales for the best deals. Don't forget your local department store when it's clearance time. And when traveling, always make time for the outlet malls.